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Many organisations have a form on their website for making it possible to subscribe for a newsletter or for financial support. Those forms are mostly not linked to the administration and so the data must be retyped in the own administration. For e-mailsnewsletters there are within the website possibilities to automate that process. However mostly these administrations are stand-alone and it is not visible in the own CRM whether or not someone is receiving the newletter. Further there is is little till no checks on the content of the entered data.

Vigilant link with the administration

Through the website the following links are possible:

  1. Change of adress

    Donor are able to give their change of adress thereselve. To prevent that everyone for everyone can change the adress you need the relationnumber and postcode/housenumber to do so.



  2. Subscribe for newsletters

    This can be an e-mail newsletter as well a newsletter on paper. Even would it be used for attending a event. Of course this is limited because only subscribe or unscribe is possible.
    Important difference with the traditional subscriptions for e-mail newsletters is that also a change of e-mailadress is poissible.



  3. Subscribe for support

    In fact this is the same as mentioned at 2 only the possibility has been added for a subscription for a one time as well periodical support. A bankaccount is directly validated and if neccesary converted to an IBAN.



  4. Trace an e-mail mailing

    When an e-mail mailing is started, it will take some time before everything has been send. Especially with bigger mailings this will continued after office hours. An user is abled to monitor if everything is still going on. When there are interrupitons he can taken action.

De data entered are validated through an application which is running on the computer of VigilantDMS. In this way an adress can filled in after entering the postcode and housenumber.

To be sure that subscrioptions according to 2 and 3 are really from the person concerned, always a verification e-mail will be send. By clicking on a verificationlink the donor he is indicating that the data is correct. Only after that the data will be worked up in the administration. The way of working is equal to a SMS-autorisation.

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