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The Donor Management package Vigilant is developed by DeViant in response to the fact that there were little or no integrated packages on the market for customer relationship management and accounting with in between the gifts administration. Even at this moment we dare to imagine that Vigilant is one of the few packages that cover the entire administration to be done. By the versatility and the flexibility of the package is it possible to implement it in a way that it seems a tailor made package. Otherwise, many organisations without VIGILANT © would rely on tailor-made software, with the associated high costs.

Among our customers you will find a wide variety of institutions. A missionary organisation likes to keep track of the expenditure and income per worker and monthly reporting to that worker. Another organisation also sells books etc and would like to keep track his inventory. So there is an organisation with a child adoption plan and would like to keep track of the sponsored children. A church on the other hand, would like to have the members administrated and possibilities to group them. All of these varieties are possible with one package.The development of the Donor Management package VIGILANT © began in 1991 when the practice showed that standard accounting packages do not meet the requirements of a good gifts administration. For charity, charitable and humanitarian organisations, however, this is of great importance. It is for these organisations, however, also important that the gifts administration is part of a fully fledged accounting package that is also fitted with options such as customer relationship management, inventory management, conference planning, members and subscriptions administration, mailings, printing of forms and bank slips, and so on. By further development and integration of the various modules the Donor Management package VIGILANT © has become a perfect administrative program, not only for charitable and humanitarian organisations but also for commercial business.All modules of VIGILANT © grab together as it was a single package. It is up to the customer which modules he wants to purchase and use. To give you an idea of the possibilities started with the basic modules we created a short description. By the flexible approach almost every organisation can find his need within the feet with this package. Therefore, dare we to call this package a "Standard tailor made package".Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us!

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