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Donor Administratie via theSaaS-service

In many churches the administration is splitted up and the secretary uses another program then the treasurer. Sometimes they do not use a administrative programm but put everything into a Excel spreadsheet. Advantage of Excel is that it is very flexible but the accuracy depends on the person who is working with it.

  Secretary   Memberadministration in Excel  
  Treasurer   General ledger  
such as King

Disadvantage of this way of working is that there is no connection between both administrations. It is also true that standard general ledgerprograms are not equipped for doing a real giftadministration. Therefore it is difficult to get a view on the gifts of a member. Working with a non-standard package makes that the continuity depends on the person who is working with it.

This makes the difference according to the SaaS-service of Vigilant Donor Management Services. SaaS, which stand for Software As A Service.

Vigilant Donor Management Services

Basicly all the data and the program are on the computers of VigilantDMS and with a standard Windows program you can log in. This can also be done from other platforms such as Apple and Linux.
Then the picture would be like the following:
vigilant.JPGSaaS-service VigilantDMS
  Secretary with the  Memberadministration  internet  
  persoon.JPG schichtomhoog.JPG  
  Treasurer wtih the
General ledger

Advantage are:
  • Fully integration of the memberadministration with the general ledger
  • Accessible from any place and any platform
  • Transfer is in fact only the handover of the passwords. No fuss with transfer of data and programs.
  • Support by VigilantDMS
  • Always be sure that there is a back-up
Pricesettings depends on the number of adresses that are recorded and start from € 13,- for every per 100 adressen.

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