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Information concerning Vigilant© Products for Church communities


Owing to its modular construction, the Vigilant© package, is ideal for small church communities as well as large organisations. A special file has been set up with the smaller church communities in mind, to enable them to register membership and deal with financial transactions. In it, the possibilities have been described in brief, otherwise it would be lengthy.

What are the possibilities

The membership administration enables you to enter address details and the people who live there. Along with a client's standard particulars, you can also put their name, date-of-birth, baptism, etc., and also their involvement within the church. A district's divisions can also be entered on the basis of the postcode.
A completely up-to-date book-keeping module is available which takes care of financial administration. A distinct advantage of this package is its capacity to link donations and clients. Experience gained in determining a client's giving habits will consistently lead to an automatic booking of donations. Periodic transfers as well as individual debit transactions are classified as standard concepts. 

How does it work in practice?

Membership of a church community is often administered by the secretariat and the treasurer is responsible for the financial administration, none of whom are likely to live at the same address. It is not for this reason only, but simply to prevent a complex file being installed in your computer, that the SAAS concept has been selected. SAAS is the acronym for "Software As A Service" which signifies that your particulars and computer programming are in the VigilantDMS© computers. Logging into the VigilantDMS© computers is done by means of a Remote Desktop Protocol. It is of no technical relevance whatever type the computer is, neither its pace nor connection. Only screens will betransfered. For more explanation follow this link

For whom is it intended?

This file has been put together especially for the smaller church communities which, in our estimation, have less than 1,000 addresses. On this basis, we have a fixed rate per 100 addresses, which is financially feasible for the smallest church communities. Be aware that an address is not on a par with a specific member because more members can live at that same address.

What does it cost?

You only pay for usage the set of programs and are charged solely € 150 for the installation of your administration. This comprises the conversion of one complete address list. The user will need to add the finishing touches to the alerts in this conversion himself. A fixed amount will be charged per 100 addresses, which will be increased one or more additional users. We will debit your account for this amount every month. We charge € 13 per batch of 100 addresses and each additional users costs an extra € 2. All amounts include VAT at the higher rate.

Functions and possibilities contained in this batch

We provide a general outline of the functions, followed by the batch possibilities which are described on a step by step basis without claiming to be complete.
Membership Administration
  • An unlimited amount of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and bank account numbers.
  • Possibility to select any of the headings
  • Unlimited number of people per address
  • Dedications/adult baptism and child baptism/confirmation will be taken into consideration
  • Possibility of setting up a photo album of the church community
  • Individual e-mails or group dispatches are possible with this package.
  • A wide range of possibilities are available for selecting members from their own specific document layout.
  • It is possible to retrieve a complete address by linking up with the postal code table and simply typing in the postal code and house number
Financial administration
  • Your own accounting system complete with an unlimited number of ledgers is possible.
  • Recognising standing orders and effecting payment is possible and this function is valid for any bank
  • Periodic transfers and individual debit transactions are possible.
  • By means of commitments, it is possible to establish giving habits whereby new donations can be automatically booked into the account
  • Using different functions is possible by separating them according to the user, while you are working with one set of client records
  • The detaildata always remain the property of the user
  • 30 minutes of support per month is included and this will be authorised for a period of three months. As a consequence, support can increase up to a maximum of 90 minutes. If you wish to have more support, this will be accounted for per quarter at a rate of € 13.50 (incl. VAT).
  • The initial installation will involve the conversion of one complete address file. If you wish to have more address files converted, then this is also possible at a rate of € 50 per file.


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